Technological innovation

Technological innovation is paramount to us at Revi Pharma. Our skilled and advanced research and development department, is in a position to perfect products, create new ones and optimise production processes.

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Our highly skilled and specialised Research and Development team passionately works at perfecting products, creating new ones and optimising production processes.

Besides validating production and control processes, our dedicated laboratories and staff also perform microbiological stability and control tests which are carried out within our facilities.

Our R&D laboratory also collaborates with various research institutes to complete surveys undertaken within the company with the aim of assessing the effectiveness of the food supplements, as well as performing dermatological tests in the cosmeceutical industry.


An eco-sustainable approach is at the heart of our philosophy. An ethical and responsible commitment towards ensuring top-notch production, in full compliance with the environmental and work safety standards.

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Coming to us - at Revi Pharma - means turning to a serious and reliable company, guaranteed by the numerous certificates awarded to us relating to various activities and areas of the production hub.

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Research on formulations complying with the nature of the compounds, free of contaminations and not a result of intensive processes, are of great value to us. Revi Pharma is in a position to undertake ORG projects.

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