Two-phase liquidis

We – at Revi Pharma – manufacture products using the two-phase technology. This system allows preserving concentrated active ingredients in solid state (powder), in LDPE containers incorporated in the bottle cap.

Being applicable to the production of food supplements and medical devices, this technology offers greater duration and stability of the functional properties of the preparations.

Fully carried out in our factory, the production chain guarantees very safety standards. This also being due to the possibility of carrying out the production and packaging of the two phases in separate environments.

IMG_5689_bifase quadrata

Production technology

  • 3 powder mixers with various capacities
  • 12 liquid reactors with various capacities
  • 1 two-phase bottle filling line for lactobacilli with 5 to 30 ml capacity
  • 1 two-phase bottle filling line with cartoning machine with 5 to 12 ml capacity
  • 1 two-phase bottle filling line with pre-assembled cap with 5 to 12 ml capacity
  • 1 assembling micro-dosing machine with 40 to 300 mg capacity

Available packagings

  • Customised packaging
  • Cartoning
  • Heat shrinking