We – at Revi Pharma – produce single-dose capsules for oral use, consisting of a hard gelatine capsules of plant or animal origin into which granules or powders can be introduced. The capsule can be coloured, colourless or two-coloured with opaque or transparent finishing.

Production and packaging occur in entirely separated environments and in full compliance with the hygiene-health regulations, using highly technological machines.

The wide range of formulations and the multi-year experience of our formulators allow a customised development of preparations based on the specific requests of each customer.

IMG_5285_capsule modifica colore quadrata

Production technology

  • 3 mixers with various capacities
  • 1 encapsulating machine with metal detector
  • 2 blister packaging machines
  • 2 cartoning machines

Available packagings

  • Blister ft. 88 mm x 66 mm containing 10 capsules
  • Blister ft. 88 mm x 66 mm containing 12 capsules
  • Pe/Pet/Glass pill containers


  • Customised packaging
  • Sleeving
  • Cartoning
  • Heat shrinking