Thanks to the experience of our formulators, who directly collaborate with university research institutes and with experts in the pharmaceutical industry, we can formulate products and treatments for drugs markets, drug stores and professional beauty care guaranteeing utmost quality, reliability and performance.

We – at Revi Pharma – support the development of products on behalf of third parties across all production stages.

We offer assistance and consultancy services related to the study of the product and packaging, as well as support during the certificate application stage at national and international level.

Technology applied

  • Vacuum turbo emulsifiers
  • Mixers for cold preparations
  • Disposable mask ovens
  • Automatic tube-filling machines
  • Automatic filling machines for various formats (sachet – jar – vial – bottle – jerry can)
  • Simple or instant printing labelling machines
  • Laser stamping machines for aluminium tubes
  • Automatic cartoning machines
  • Heat shrinkable packaging machines
  • Automatic case packing machines


Liquid – Cream – Powder


Jar – Bottle – Tube – Vial – Sachets – Drum


Finished product – Semi-finished product